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We encourage our Guests to Introduce

themselves and socialize with other guests attending our parties.   Some people attending our parties just want to socialize and other people just want to watch.  Whatever the case may be, You must respect other peoples wishes and desires.   

People do have the right to refuse your advancement just as you have the right to refuse their advancement.   If you are not interested in a person who is making an advancement, Kindly tell the individual "No Thank you!"   If someone says no that means no.   

Do not ask a person the second time if they already refused your advancement but instead allow him or her to approach you.   If they change their mind, they will approach you.   If a person is not interested in your advancements, there is nothing that you can say or do that will make the individual change their minds.

A bad Attitude and rude behavior will most certainly get you banned from all future parties. We ask that everyone attending our parties to respect other people.    We have zero tolerance for people who are pushy and rude.  

Do not argue with your significant other or other guests at the party.  Couples need to discuss what they are willing and not willing to do before attending our parties. 

We have zero tolerance for people who argue.  Arguing ruins everything for all our guests and again we will not tolerate it. There is absolutely no drugs nor prostitution at our parties.  Intimacy is not guaranteed, therefore our parties are not a pay to play or prostitution.   

Anyone who uses drugs or having drugs in their possession at our parties will be banned permanently.  Condoms are provided and required.   

If you show up to our party drunk and over serve yourself you will be asked to leave and will not be invited to future parties.

The Chicago-land lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, gender queer Club will be an unforgettable experience as you make new friends and possibly get re-acquainted with old friends.